England's Back Garden, Court Garden

England's Back Garden, Court Garden

Dec 15, 2023Eden Hargreaves

How did you get started in wine?

We planted our first vineyard at Court Garden in Ditchling, East Sussex, as a form of diversification from livestock farming to aid the family farm stand on a more balanced sustainable commercial footing. I gained much of my viticulture and wine production knowledge from the Wine School at nearby Plumpton College, which at the time was under the umbrella of Brighton University.

Which is your favourite wine that you produce? 

My favourite wine is our Blanc de Blancs – Chardonnay grows so well on our soil at Court Garden.

What is the biggest challenge when making wine on your estate? 

The biggest challenge when making wine at Court Garden is the weather due to its relatively unpredictable nature. For instance, in the Spring when the buds are bursting we need to protect the vines from frost. If we have a cool summer we may have to green harvest unripe grapes to give the vines less to ripen.

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