To 'Chablis' is always the answer!

To 'Chablis' is always the answer!

Dec 15, 2023Eden Hargreaves

What is the best thing about producing wine?

We aim to guarantee the best quality of the wine and the best expression of the terroir to people who drinks our wines. Our wish is to work the best as possible during all the daily cycle of the vine to produce fine wines, giving to our customers moments of happiness.

When not producing wine, what do you enjoy doing?

We love to share our passion for the wine, producing or not. Indeed, we also meet lot of people coming from all around the world to tell them about our life’s work, present them our beautiful region and terroirs, make them discover our wines. Well also enjoy to take care of them in our guests houses that we rent all along the year in the heart of our vineyard. As well, they can live an amazing immersive experience in the Chablis life.

When not drinking your own wine, what wine do you enjoy?

It is hard to say, because we are delighted to taste all the wines! If we had to make a choice, Frédéric would certainly choose a wine from Côte d’Or and according to me Céline, a wine coming from Vallée de la Loire.


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