The Fledge & Co.

Vagabond Prundentia Sine Vino 2020

Western Cape, South Africa

Blend: Chardonnay, Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Verdelho, Hárslevelü | 13% ABV


Vagabond Prundentia Sine Vino is a truly unique and fun blend from the team at The Fledge & Co. It has multiple layers to it with a Chardonnay feel but at the same time exotic and enticing. A super interesting wine from the Cape of Good Hope, crafted with the care of nesting fledglings, and really delicious!

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Yellow plums, caramelised pineapple and floral notes come through on the nose whilst Chardonnay an appealing roundness and purity. A lovely delicate truffle and brioche surface on the finish.

This would accompany a number of delicious foods including some spicier dishes like Indian curry.

Meet the winemakers, Margaux Nel & Leon Coetzee.
"The Fledge & Co. is a proudly South African "vine to wine' project, whereby we are fortunate to source fruit from over 50 vineyards spread across the length & breadth of the Cape Winelands to showcase to the world our truly special vineyards & passion of the workers and farmers who tend the vines rooted in ancient African soils. Our guiding tenets are "the right grape, in the right place" and working Old Skool in the cellar allowing the vintage, variety, and site to shine. We aim to craft wines that can be enjoyed amongst friends & family around the kitchen table to bring much merriment & enliven cuisine. "Terroir by a truck" might be the aptest description of the project with us traveling 20,000 km plus during vintage to source the fruit & thankfully all our activities are offset by Spekbome (Portulacaria afra) on conservancy land owned by our family".

The Fledge & Company is what happens when two folk don’t quite enjoy the status quo, when it’s your nature to go against the grain when you need to forge a path mostly in the unknown, eschewing commonplace convention and taking that first defiant flight from the nest.

Handcrafting old-school wines of integrity, unfaltering quality, defying perceptions of origin, and being guided solely by the vine to showcase our passion – these are The Fledge & Co.’s reasons for being. Wines whispering of their origin; wines benefitting from careful cellaring; wines that are best decanted & accompanied in good cheer with fine fare – that’s our unwavering goal.

With these tenets, a penchant for the unconventional, and the pursuit of the fluid dynamic, we set about labouring away in the vineyards across the Cape of Good Hope to craft with care a nest of fledglings.

To life, love & wine!

White | Still | 75cl | 13% ABV | Contains sulphites

Cellaring: Ready to drink now.

All fruit is crushed directly into small pneumatic press & allowed a few hours skin contact prior to gentle pressing, thereafter the juice was settled overnight prior to racking with a fair share of fine lees into old 400L French oak casks. Each climat is fermented separately, only neutral yeasts are used & long cool ferments of 3 ½ weeks plus are favoured. Post ferment the wines are racked with a portion of fine lees & sulphured up to avoid malo-lactic fermentation (MLF). Some of the barrels undergo MLF, some don’t and after 9 months the components are blended into a temperature controlled Inox tank with fine lees and allowed a further 4 months of tempering prior to bottling unfined & unfiltered. Only yeast & small amounts of sulphur are utilized.

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