Feudo Montoni

Grillo Timpa 2020

DOC Sicilia, Sicily, Italy

100% Grillo | 13.0% ABV


We proudly office this delicious white wine made from Grillo grapes.Grillo is becoming one of the "It" grapes of Italy. It was used for many years to make Marsala, but its dry versions are some of the islands most compelling, with its aromatic personality and freshness. It is worth seeking out, particularly for enthusiasts of aromatic whites like Sauvignon Blanc or Albariño.

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The nose has strong notes of white peach and loquat, with floral aromas of Sicilian Spanish broom, jasmine and almond flowers on the finish. On the palate, it is fresh, persistent and has a remarkable acidity that is well-balanced with the alcohol.

Service: Serve chilled at 12-14ºC.

Food Pairing: Good with seafood, white meat, and fresh cheese.

Feudo Montoni is one of the most unique properties in Sicily. Located in an area nicknamed the “The Island of Montoni”, the farm stands on its own in the centre of Sicily surrounded by many hectares of rolling wheat fields, which once supplied the Roman Empire. Their soils have had vineyards for over 600 years and today owner and winemaker Fabio Sireci continues to organically cultivate a number of indigenous varieties over his 44 hectares of vineyards.

Feudo Montoni is located at 750 meters a.s.l., in the heartland of Sicily at Contrada Montoni Vecchi, on the eastern side of a mountain village, Cammarata (Agrigento). South-eastern Sicily has a latitude lower than the highest point of Africa and is characterized by a hot climate with strong winds that arrive from the African desert. Montoni’s vines are situated on a hard mountain slope, all east facing

3* Sustainability Rating: Pioneer

Feudo Montoni di Fabio Sireci, a historic Sicilian estate established in 1469, is not just a vineyard but a testament to the legacy of sustainable viticulture. Owned by Fabio Sireci, the vineyard occupies 44 hectares of land, with 29% dedicated to vines and 15% to natural woodland. Producing 1950 hectolitres of wine annually, Feudo Montoni is a beacon of sustainability, boasting a near perfect score for their commitment to sustainable practices.

Fabio Sireci’s approach to viticulture is deeply rooted in tradition, favouring mass selection and the propagation of ancient vines from their own vineyards over quicker, nursery-bought plants. This slow, deliberate, and laborious process ensures a unique grape quality and preserves the vineyard's distinct identity.

Feudo Montoni's sustainability philosophy is holistic and encompasses both visible and invisible aspects. The vineyard's organic practices have been certified, and they are taking active steps to combat climate change, including implementing emergency irrigation and soil conservation methods to manage hot summers and scarce rainfall. The high elevation of Montoni's vineyards provides a natural climate advantage, aiding in the preservation of grape acidity during arid seasons.

Biodiversity is at the forefront of their environmental efforts, with organic wheat fields and olive groves surrounding the vineyards. The "vite maritata" method, an ancient cultivation technique, has been revived, planting fruit trees among the vines to create a symbiotic relationship that enriches the vineyard ecosystem. These practices have allowed Feudo Montoni to forego chemical pesticides entirely, relying instead on the vineyard's natural defenders like birds and insects.

In the cellar, the wines of Feudo Montoni are a product of minimal intervention, allowing the quality of the grapes and the character of the vintage to shine through. The estate uses wild or indigenous yeasts for fermentation and adds minimal sulphur dioxide, further cementing their commitment to natural winemaking.

The estate is powered by 100% renewable energy, including some on-site generation, and their buildings are highly energy efficient. Packaging sustainability is also a priority, with a 90% rating for their primary and secondary packaging materials.

Feudo Montoni is deeply integrated with the local community, actively engaging in local projects and adhering to strict ethical sourcing and supplier selection criteria. The estate provides fair pay and comprehensive benefits to both permanent and temporary staff, with strong female representation in leadership roles.

With a clear vision for the future, Feudo Montoni aspires to enhance biodiversity and create new life on their land. The vineyard stands as a 3* pioneer in sustainability, with comprehensive objectives and continuous reporting against targets. Feudo Montoni's exceptional commitment to sustainability, community, and preserving the integrity of Sicilian winemaking heritage firmly establishes it as one of the highest achievers in sustainable viticulture.

White | Still | 75cl | 13% ABV

Recognition: Grillo Timpa 2020: 91 K.O'Keefe, Wine Enthusiast, 90 Falstaff,O.Kiem

Cellaring: Will continue to develop for 8-10 years.

Vinification: Fermentation takes place in cement containers, in contact with the skins for a quarter of the fermentation process. Sur lies with batonnage in cement containers for 6 months.

  • Organic - Independently Certified

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