King Charles III and sustainability

Raising our glass to the new King!

Apr 19, 2023Martin Stead
As the coronation of King Charles III approaches, we take a brief look into the King's lifelong crusade to raise awareness of the need to protect our planet and its ecosystem from the effects of humanity.

King Charles III has long been an advocate for environmentalism and climate change. Over the years, he has used his position to raise awareness about the pressing need to protect the planet and has spearheaded several initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable practices and conservation efforts.

As the Prince of Wales, one of his landmark initiatives was the Prince's Rainforests Project, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of the world's rainforests and the role they play in regulating the Earth's climate. He used his high-profile status to lobby governments and international organisations to take action to protect rainforests, and the project has raised millions of pounds to support conservation efforts in the Amazon, the Congo Basin, and Indonesia.

In addition to his work on rainforest conservation, Prince Charles was a vocal advocate for sustainable agriculture and has long championed organic farming. In 1986, he founded Duchy Originals, a brand of organic food products, which has since grown to become one of the UK's leading organic food brands. He has also supported initiatives to promote sustainable fishing practices and has been a vocal critic of industrial farming practices.

In 2010, he launched the International Sustainability Unit, which works to promote sustainable economic growth and combat climate change. The unit has worked with governments, businesses, and non governmental organisations around the world to develop sustainable solutions to environmental challenges. 

One of the King's most significant contributions to the fight against climate change has been his advocacy for the circular economy. The circular economy is a system of production and consumption that aims to eliminate waste and pollution by keeping resources in use for as long as possible. He has spoken out about the need for a more circular economy and has worked with businesses and governments to develop strategies to transition to this model.

King Charles III has also been a vocal advocate for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and has supported efforts to promote renewable energy. He has called for a shift towards a low-carbon economy and has spoken out about the need to address the social and economic impacts of climate change. His advocacy on these issues has helped to raise awareness and has encouraged governments and businesses around the world to take action to reduce emissions and transition to renewable energy sources.

King Charles III has been a tireless advocate for environmentalism and averting climate change. His work has helped to raise awareness about the urgent need to protect the planet and has encouraged governments, businesses, and individuals to take action to combat climate change. From rainforest conservation to the circular economy, his initiatives have had a significant impact on environmental policy and have helped to drive the global transition towards a more sustainable future.

As the King is crowned in May 2023, we look forward to seeing him continue to use his role as Head of State, and his soft power and influence around the world, to continue to convene leaders across governments and businesses and NGOs to accelerate our efforts to create a more sustainable planet. 

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