Reflection of a time spent across the pond, Authentique Wine Cellars

Reflection of a time spent across the pond, Authentique Wine Cellars

Dec 15, 2023Eden Hargreaves

Thank you for hosting the live tasting evenings in July, everyone enjoyed the wines and the overall event. What was memorable about these events for you?

I appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm for the wines, wit and good humour. An awesome time, thank you!!!

When you meet someone who is interested in wine, what do you get asked the most?

So many people in the states ask if I stomp on the grapes, then they bring up this episode of I Love Lucy 

When travelling, do you seek to try new wines out and have you discovered one you particularly liked?

That’s exactly what I do ;) I travel and taste wines as a winemaker and sales director for a French cooperage. Even when on vacation I’m perusing the wine list looking for a gem.  Recently in Oxshott, Dale and I tasted a lovely Nebbiolo, Purnotto, at The Victoria. Delicious!

What holiday destinations can you recommend for any wine lovers?

Come to Oregon’s Willamette Valley!!! Buy a few bottles of chardonnay and head to the coast to pair with freshly caught Dungeness crab. I usually rent a little crabbing boat and catch them myself in Waldport’s Alsea Bay. The water is a little chilly, but the landscape is beautiful, where the forest meets the sea.

What do you miss the most when you are away from America?

The stunning views from my family’s vineyard, Hama Hama oysters, hiking in the Columbia River gorge and near central Oregon’s high lakes, sharing wines and cooking up a storm for my family and best mates.

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